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Featuring Morgan McDougall & Tahnee Pinches

Tahnee Pinches and Morgan McDougall at The Bower Byron Bay about us.

About Us

Cosmos Companions is a porthole into the lives of the adventurous travel duo Tahnee and Morgan. Showcasing a new era of nomads on the road, Cosmos Companions aim to inspire the doers, thinkers, the shy, the scared and everyone in between to get out and explore the world. With no particular place called home, life on the road fuels their adventures, with new mountains to climb, seas to swim, deserts to explore, and waves to surf each day.

Morgan's Background

With an extensive background in graphic design, Morgan is the graphical mechanic behind Cosmos Companions. Adding to his skill bucket, he is the talented photographer behind the team at Cosmos Companions. He seeks to capture the rawness of the adventure the pair embark on and aims to create real imagery with feeling and depth. With camera in hand you can find him capturing the fleeting moments in life; an explosion of lava or a local child's energetic friendly grin.

He finds adrenaline in standing on the edge of a cliff, diving into waterfalls and swimming with creatures of the sea. Never far from the ocean, you will find him spending hours in the waves as he calms his mind in his own form of mediation. With his versatile skill set and open and friendly personality, he plays an important role in the Cosmos team.

Tahnee's Background

Tahnee brings the femininity to the team at Cosmos Companions. The wordsmith and stylist behind Cosmos Companions, you can find her writing dreamy article's about the faraway lands the duo have been and creating visually pleasing masterpieces in her head. With hopes to capture the pure beauty of their travels, Tahnee’s writing is descriptive and free-flowing, aiming to showcase the essence of the places they love.

When she’s not exploring barefoot around the many lands the team ventures, you can find her caring for injured animals, playing with local children, or with a spoon stuck deep in a freshly picked papaya. She’s outgoing and imaginative, with a friendly smile on her face and a ready ear to hear locals folk tales and sweet melodies.