Coastal towns, smiling beaming faces, steamers and endless lines of waves. We’ve got a whole lot of love for the wild shores we found while exploring Tofino. This place has made its way into many dreams before. The endless beaches and pine tree lined sandy shores tease you with their perfectly sculpted offshore waves.

Generally speaking you will only find the keenest of surfers braving these arctic waters with minimal sunshine. However, it seems that the friendly coastal town resting on the north-west of Vancouver Island has every local under its spell. Surfing in this pretty little town doesn’t entail the localism many other small towns with good waves have. Maybe that’s what makes everyone so willing to pull on a 5mm wetsuit when the temperature is close to sub-zero. The welcoming faces and the shouts of cheer make the ocean seem like a party. A party that everyone is invited to. Who would want to miss out on that?

The landscape is beautifully rugged and wild, and it constantly reminds you of the power of nature. Glistening sunshine often welcomes you to a new day. However, the next hour can hold tornado like gusty winds combined with torrential rain and wild seas, only to be swayed away by a second delight of sun in the coming hours. It’s like a lucky dip, you never quite know what you’re going to get.

The wildlife is abundant in all her glory on Vancouver Island. We spent a day with our Canadian friends exploring rivers and salmon hatcheries. We were lucky to experience something that most only ever get to witness on a digital documentary. In the depths of the forest where the river rapids ran wild, we stood surprised at what lay in-front of our eyes. A black bear whose coat glistened with specks of sunshine. We watched as he waded in the waters catching a feast of salmon, some mere metres away from us.

Aware of our presence, but seemingly unbothered, the beautiful creature got on with its duties. We were able to observe in awe over the skill and art that is required to fill his stomach. As the bear grappled and grasped at passing fish, we couldn’t help but think how it was intoxicatingly beautiful, surreal and scary to be so close to such a powerful and wild creature. To experience the act of a fundamental part of their survival was something beyond belief. We all resisted the urge to walk up and cuddle the lump of black fur that stood before us. As we watched the bear catch his feast, we left full hearted and feeling like Sir David Attenborough himself.

The landscape with its rivers, mountains, oceans, and waterfalls are beyond words. With each breath that you take, the shock of cool fresh air constantly reminds you of that. It is a place where the earth is still in charge, and you learn that going with the flow is the way of life in this little part of Canada.

– EATS  –

Hands down the best (in our eyes) place to hangout and eat was Tacofino. If you or your buddy’s have a local phone we recommend putting your order in on the way if you can. Our other favourites were Shelter Restaurant,Sobo and Tofino Brewing Company.

– STAY – 

Find places to stay in Tofino here →

Long Beach Lodge Resort offers amazing cabins and facilities if you feel like indulging and blowing some cash. For the best experience possible we recommend camping at one of the local grounds (Bella PacificaLong Beach Golf & Campground) offered for a fraction of the price.

– DO – 

Getting out and exploring Tofino town is a great way to spend your day. There are so many quirky little shops and sights to be seen around town. Head down to Ucluelet (25mins drive) and surf all the beaches along the way there. Have a campfire at dusk on the beach and watch the sun set over the North Pacific Ocean.

– HIKES – 

Halfmoon Bay (end of Willowbrae trail), Nuu Chah Nulth Trail (Wickaninnish Trail).


Cox Bay Beach and Mackenzie Beach.