The friendly little town of Yeppoon plays highway to some of the most beautiful tropical islands of the Great Barrier Reef. With its understated beauty, Yeppoon offers a welcoming vacation and visit home. It’s tropical warm air and smiling faces make this small coastal town well worth visiting.

As fellow locals welcomed Morgan home, I was introduced to the friendly atmosphere that this town embodies. With the sea breeze lapping at your hair and orange sunsets providing a perfect back drop for an afternoon drink. You can immediately sense why so many people relocate here with their family’s.  

The coral sanded beaches with their extreme low tides offer a playground for fishermen, crab hunters and sail boat enthusiasts. With year-round warm balmy temperatures. Jackets and jumpers are long forgotten and jammed into the back of cupboards. Only to be pulled out on the rarest of occasions.

This sunny coastline offers mountain trails to embrace the early morning dew and gaze upon playing dolphins and turtles below. With the sun-shining above, they offer a magical viewpoint of the white sandy islands lying some short distance away.

Nestled on the very southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, this happily content little group of islands is home to some of the clearest waters you will ever see. Not only that, it boasts the most iridescent white sanded beaches shaded by the dancing array of tropical palms. Quiet enough, and somehow escaping the crowds of its sister islands that line the Barrier Reefs, The Keppel’s behold just as much beauty as their relatives.

The seas are a mix of glimmering greens and blue, that so gently reflect the rays of the golden sun, and cast beams across the ocean floor. The water so clear sometimes you question whether it is there at all. The shorelines offer shell lined tidal marks, with the tame and gentle waves playing sweet backdrop music. Turtles, dolphins, manta rays and fish, swim freely in the shallow shores unbothered by their human friends and boats. Inquisitive upon new comers, but familiar enough with human existence, to not be bothered by fascinated passers-by. It is a sweet scene where humans intermingle with life of the sea in its natural and wild form.

Venturing to the Northern side of the island, the open seas offer views of the more rugged and wild side of the island. Rocks and boulders crawl high out of the sea-line creating mystical pools of sea life that dance with flowing tides. Sea wall caves deliver a small sanctuary from the heat and sun, while providing sea breezes and views that appear on postcards.

The days spent here under the sun are nothing short of relaxing, and you are left feeling rejuvenated, alive, sun-kissed, and with a great understanding as to why the locals are constantly smiling.

Thank you Yeppoon, Wonderful Yeppoon. Stay small. Stay friendly.

– EATS –

Whether your heading over for the day or a week, we recommend packing plenty of the essentials. These being water, fruit, snacks and if you plan on having a BBQ make sure you buy up in Yeppoon. There is however a small bar and restaurant on the northern end of the island offering some pretty tasty dishes. You can find out more info on them here 

– STAY –

Although there are no designated camp spots on Great Keppel Island, doing so is an amazing experience we highly recommend. Other options for staying on the island include renting bungalow’s and cabins out via the GKI Hideaway website above.

– DO – 

Spend your days swimming and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters surrounding the island. Grab a fishing rod and walk the many beaches to find your own secluded spot to spend the day chasing dinner. Another option is to pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read and set yourself up on the sand. It’s also a great way to soak up some of the pure sunshine on offer.