Located in central Queensland, just north of Yeppoon, lies a forest full of trees and running fresh water so blue it seems surreal. Welcome to Byfield National Park.

On a super hot spring day that left our hair fuzzy, and our foreheads showing signs of sweat. We decided to retreat to the cooler temperatures of the pine forest in Byfield National Park. Eager for an adventure, we grabbed a bunch of fruit and a week’s worth of water, and threw it in the back of the well-used Land Cruiser.

Looking for an escape from the heat and the pelting down sun. We were excited to still embrace nature, in a way that wouldn’t end with sunburnt skin and peeling layers. Hitting the road with the tunes beating out of the car radio. We wound down the windows grateful for the fresh air that flowed in. Nothing trumps the scent of the forest, and the highly oxygenated air never felt so good. We shifted the cruiser into 4WD and pulled onto the dirt track that would take us to our sanctuary.

As we pulled onto the track, my eyes set upon what could only resemble a graveyard of pines. Morgan explained that a cyclone had come through two years ago and reeked destruction. Lining the dirt road, was the remnants of hundred-year-old trees, which now lay life less and leafless with their roots resting bottoms up upon the dirt. It was a clear reminder of how powerful Mother Nature could be.

Driving further down the road, followed only by a cloud of dust from the cruiser. We were soon greeted by forests that hadn’t succumbed to the amounted mass of the low pressure system. These trees stood tall and strong, their greens creating contrast against the blue sky. The smell of pines penetrated my nostrils in a heavenly way. I looked in awe at the towering trunks as their tops kissed the sun and their branches swayed ever so gently with the wind. To the left gushing fresh water manoeuvred its way around boulders creating a magnificent scene. The waters so turquoise, I wondered whether someone had leaked gallons of dye into them. But it was just earth showing us her beauty.

Pulling up alongside the trees, we grabbed our back packs full of fruit. We walked further upstream to find a spot where we could embrace the beauty and cool off in the fresh mountain waters. The track was lined with wildflowers of different hues, and an array of scent’s creating a forest perfume. We reached our destination in a clearing of trees. It opened up to a calm lagoon, protected by the running waters and shaded by the trees.

We spent the hours of the afternoon eating fruit and cooling off in the creek, happy to be away from the heat, and engulfed in such magic. A hidden heaven, a pure wonderland. There’s no knowing what you will find once you leave the bitumen roads, but it most certainly usually results in un-kept beauty. So grab some snacks, jump in the car and turn down the next dirt road you see, you might just find a slice of heaven.

– EATS –

Pack a picnic and hike to your own secluded area to enjoy the tranquility of it all. If BBQ’s are your thing, then make use of the park’s family-friendly BBQ areas. Sit back with a beer or wine and enjoy the tropical weather and smell of fresh pines.

– STAY –

Now you may be disappointed to hear this, but there is certainly no flashy motels anywhere in the vicinity. We are bringing back the basics this time around. Camp sites are available for everyone and these can be booked online via http://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/parks/byfield/ .

– DO –

You’re going to be engulfed by nature heading into Byfield National Park. Pack your swimmers, there’s beautiful streams and lagoons to enjoy a cool dip in. The walking and mountain bike trails here are plentiful. These can lead to hours of fun for the whole family or a nice long stroll for couples.